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8 August 2002

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21 March 2002 24 March 2002 Osnabrück ? 12th annual meeting of the German Paper Historians (Deutsches Arbeitskreis für Papiergeschichte) on the theme of Technical papers
26 April 2002 28 April 2002 Bergisch Gladbach Papiermühle Alte Dombach 3rd seminar of the EU-project The Watermark Route
11 Oct. 2001 12 Oct. 2001 The Hague Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Dutch Royal Library
Conference Coloured or discoloured, pigments applied to paper
organized by the VAR, for info, contact Nicole van de Sterren
15 June 2001 30 June 2001 Leipzig Deutsche Bücherei / Die Deutsche Bibliothek Exhibition Papier im alten China und die Leipziger Bildfolge zur Bambuspapierherstellung
15 June 2001 17 June 2001 Verla and Ankkapurha, Finland Verla Mill Museum 2nd Seminar of the Watermark Route project: From Forests into Paper. Generation after Generation

For information, visit their homepage
6 April 2001 9 April 2001 Bergisch Gladbach (Bensberg) Kardinal-Schulte-Haus, Tagungszentrum des Erzbistums Köln 11th annual meeting of the Deutscher Arbeitskreis für Papiergeschichte
Theme: "Oberfläche des Papiers/Streichen des Papiers"
Registration: Stiftung Zanders,
tel. +49.2202 31974
15 March 2001 21 April 2001 Leipzig DDB/Deutsche Bücherei Leipzig Exhibition 100 Jahre Buntpapiersammlung Seegers 1901-2001
for information: e-mail us
20 October 2000 22 October 2000 Capellades (Spain) Museu Moli Paperer (Papermill Museum) International Seminar The Watermark Route. La Ruta de la Filigrana: Paper museums and the conservation and diffusion of hand-made paper
For more information: visit their homepage
18 October 2000 19 October 2000 Bückeburg (Germany) State Archive of Lower Saxony European Conference on Mass deacidification in practice, organized by the European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA) and the State Archive of Lower Saxony
For information and registration contact by e-mail:
10 October 2000 14 October 2000 Melbourne AICCM 18th IIC Congress: "Tradition & Innovation: advances in conservation"
8 September 2000 14 September 2000 Dortmund Westphälisches Wirtschaftsarchiv (WWA) 25th IPH Congress
For info see our special homepage
6 September 2000 25 Februar 2001 Bergisch Gladbach Rheinisches Industriemuseum Alta Dombach Exhibition Papier macht's möglich. Geschichten zur Papierverwendung
17 June 2000 10 September 2000 Rijswijk (NL) Museum Rijswijk Paper Biennial 2000
For information, see their internet homepage
13 April 2000 17 June 2000 Leipzig DDB/Deutsches Buch und Schriftmuseum Exhibition Neuerwerbungen des Deutschen Buch- und Schriftmuseums 1997-1999
12 November 199931 March 2000Basel (CH)Basler Papiermühle Exhibition Thomas Platter - der Drucker on Thomas Platter, Humanist, Pedagogue, Printer
For info visit their website
15 January 2000 27 February 2000 Bergisch Gladbach (D) Rheinisches Industriemuseum Bergisch Gladbach - Papiermühle Alte Dombach exhibition Bergisch Gladbach trifft Fabriano. Papiere mit Wasserzeichen vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart / Fabriano incontra Bergisch Gladbach. Filigrane su carta dalle origini ad oggi
3 January 2000 24 January 2000 Burma/Thailand Carriage House Paper, Brookline, MA Papermaking Tour to Burma, for more information see below on this page
25 January 2000 26 January 2000 New Orleans, USA ? ASTM D01.57, Artists' Paints and Related Materials Meeting Subcommittee on paper, D20, involved in producing a standard for artists' papers. For info refer to Mark Gottsegen, Chairman
14 November 1999 14 November 1999 London, UK Institute of Historical Research BAPH day conference
For info visit their website
4 November 1999 6 November 1999 Chicago The Congress Hotel, Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts 18th Annual Friends of Dard Hunter Conference
For info click here.
29 October 1999 29 October 1999 Rotterdam Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen VAR Conference Paper: Identification, Interpretation, Description, organized by the (Dutch) Association of Book and Paper Conservators (VAR) on the occasion of their 35th anniversary
5 October 1999 9 October 1999 Chicago, USA Art Institute "The Broad Spectrum: The Art & Science of Conserving Coloured Media". 1st International Conference on coloured media on paper
For more information contact Elisabeth Sobczynski.
19 September 1999 19 September 1999 Berlin Museum für Technik Memorial Day: 40 years of IPH (1959-1999)
16 September 1999 20 September 1999 Berlin Museum für Technik 10th Annual Conference of the Deutsches Arbeitskreis für Papiergeschichte
13 September 1999 17 September 1999 Newcastle, UK University of Northumbria, Burt Hall Workshop on Tape
10 September 1999 12 September 1999 Bath, UK   BAPH annual conference
For info click here.
19 July 1999 25 July 1999 Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canarian Islands Convento de San Francisco Encuentro Internacional sobre Conservacion del Patrimonio Bibliografico y Documental en Clima Subtropical
info: fax +34.91-550 44 44
8 June 1999 12 June 1999 St. Louis, USA   Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works
13 May 1999 16 May 1999 Toronto Royal Ontario Museum
Art Gallery of Ontario
Conference/workshop programma
Looking at Paper: Evidence & Interpretation
11 April 1999 11 April 1999 Birmingham, UK Barber Institute of Fine Arts IPC Librarians Course
10 April 1999 2 May 1999 Shanghai
and various other places in China IPH Papermaking Expedition to China
organized by Elaine Koretsky
See our China Report.
8 February 1999 15 October 1999 Paris Palais de la Découverte Exhibition Le Papier, cÚst la Vie (Bicentenaire de l'invention de la machine à papier par N.L. Robert?