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Österreichisches Papiermachermuseum Laakirchen-Steyrermühl / Austrian Museum of Papermaking Laakirchen-Steyrermühl

The museum in Steyrermühl celebrates its 20th anniversary in the year 2017. Address: Museumsplatz 1, A-4662 Steyermühl, Austria
Tel. +43.7613 3951, Fax +43.7613 8834
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Mentioned in German Wikipdia Laakirchen.

Waldviertler Papiermühle Mörzinger

Address: Bad Großpertholz 76, 3972 Bad Großpertholz, Austria
Tel.: +43 (0)2857 2240, Fax: +43 (0)2857 2240
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Le Malmundarium / Das Malmundarium / The Malmundarium

The history of paper/l' histoire du papier/ die Geschichte des Papiers/ de geschiedenis van papier
Paper Workshop-Atelier du papier-Papieratelier mit Herstellung-Atelier van het papie
Address: Malmundarium,Place du Châtelet, 10 à 4960 Malmedy, Belgium
Tel. +32-80.337058, Fax: +32-80.339232, Email
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Papiermolen Herisem - Voormalige kartonfabriek Winderickx / Paper mill Herisem and former cardboard factory Winderickx

Educational centre for paper and board
Address: Fabriekstraat 20, B-1652 Alsemberg, Belgium
Tel. +32(0)2-3810770
Fax +32(0)2-3810808
Contact: Myriam Winderickx-Joos
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Czech Republic

Handmade Paper Mill Velké Losiny

Being still a functional historical set of buildings associated with the manufacture of paper from the late 16th century up to the present, the handmade paper mill at Velke Losiny (former Gross Ullersdorf) is a unique technical monument. The paper mill is situated in the broad valley of the Desna River near the main road passing through the North Moravian town of Velke Losiny. According to archive sources, the paper workshop was founded there after 1591. The paper mill is on the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Address: Rucni Papirna, 78815 Velké Losiny, Sumperk, Czech Republic
Tel. +420 583 285097, fax + 420 583 248418
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Museum Silkeborg - Papirmuseet

"Papirmuseet" is a working museum established in the original production facilities for handmade paper in the former Silkeborg Papirfabrik A/S which closed down in 2000 after more than 150 years of paper making. Bøttebygningen, Papirfabrikken 78, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark
Tel. +45 8685 4564
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Bruunshaab Gl. Papfabrik

Address: Vinkelvej 97, 8800 Viborg, Denmark
Tel. +45 8667 5900
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Heron Corn Mill and Museum of Paper Making

Heron Corn Mill is a working, water-driven corn mill; a lowder type with 14ft. high breast shot wheel driving all machinery and a restored 18th Century building. There is an exhibition of 900 years of milling on site as well as a gallery devoted to baking. The museum shows papermaking ancient and modern. There are demonstrations of the handmaking of paper. The mill stocks high quality handmade watercolour paper for artists.
Address: Waterhouse Mills, Beetham, Milnthorpe, Cumbria LA7 7AR, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0)15395 65027, Fax: +44 (0)15395 65033
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Museum of Science and Industry

This museum also has a collection of instruments and machinery pertaining to the paper industry, which is unfortunately no longer on shown.
Address: Liverpool Road, Chesterfield, Manchester M3 4JP, England
Tel.: +44-1618522244, Fax: +44-1618345135
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Wookey Hole Paper Mill

The earliest mill at Wookey Hole (for grinding corn) was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086. By 1610 it was already a paper mill, and to this day handmade paper is still made from raw cotton at Wookey Hole Mill, using original Victorian machinery.
Address: Wookey Hole, Wells, Somerset BA5 1BB, England
Tel. 01749-672243, E-mail: papermill@
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The Paper Trail - Frogmore Paper Mill

A chain of activities and exhibitions concentrated in Frogmore Mill and Apsley Mill, focussing on handmade paper, machinemade paper (Fourdrinier), paper ecology, printmaking, bookbinding &cetera. The Paper Trail creates a natural, permanent international heritage and visitor centre for paper, print, publishing and post, with easy access by road, rail and air.
Situated in Apsley, a suburb of Hemel Hempstead, Frogmore Mill is the world's oldest mechanised paper mill. In 1803 it became the birthplace of paper's Industrial Revolution when the first of what later became known as a Fourdrinier Paper machine was installed and operated here. Now operated by the Apsley Paper Trail charitable trust, paper is still made here on a 110 year-old machine which can be viewed by visitors. Address: The Cottage, Apsley Mill, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertsfordshire HP3 9RL, United Kingdom
Tel. +44-1442 234600, Fax: +44-1442 275749
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The Whitworth Art Gallery

Wallpaper collections are relatively rare. The Whitworth's comprises several thousand examples and has an international reputation. The bulk of the Collection was given to the Gallery in 1967 by The Wall Paper Manufacturers Ltd., which had controlled most of the UK wallpaper industry since 1899. Since the 1970s further donations and purchases have helped to make the Collection one of the most important in the country.
Address: The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6ER
Tel. +44 (161) 275 7450, Fax: +44 (161) 275 7451
Email (wallpaper curator):
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Ahlstrom Voyage heritage site

The Ahlstrom Voyage heritage site has one of the few surviving T J Marshall miniature paper machines. It has displays for multiple industries including the paper industry.
Address: Verlantie 14, Noormarkku, Finland
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Ankkapurha industrial museum (Finnish: Ankkapurhan teollisuusmuseo)

Owner: Stora Enso Group
Ankkapurha Industrial Museum was set up in the premises of the old groundwood mill and board mill, founded in 1872 at Lohisaari Island. The heart of the museum is first continuously operated board machine in Finland from the year 1897. The machine was shut down 81 years later in 1978 and restored in 1997. The museum exhibition illustrates the early stages of Ankkapurha area as well as peoples working and living conditions and the industrial development over a period of more than 100 years. Plenty of old photographs and objects are on display. Also there is an exhibition about inhabitants of the Stone Age in Ankkapurha. Near the Industrial Museum is an old living house, Museum House Warpunen. In the Museum House Warpunen you can see an old office and two apartments for the factory workers. The Museum House Warpunen is open on request. Ankkapurha Industrial Museum is open during summertime. Guided tours for groups can be arranged also outside opening hours. The museum is situated close to the industrial area of Stora Enso Anjalankoski Mills (Ingerois Board mill and Anjala Paper Mill).
Address: Kuitutie 2, 46900 Inkeroinen, Finland
tel. +358407552785,
Visit their website or so also facebook or paperikone.

Verla Paper Mill Museum / a World Heritage Site

UPM-Kymmene Corporation
The idyllic village of Verla (two hours drive north of Helsinki) with the old board mill at its heart is a unique landmark in the early history of the Finnish forest industry. A rare example of the Nordic industrial heritage, Verla was in cluded on the UNESCO World Heritage List in December 1996.
The visitor to the groundwood and board mill, now a museum, obtains a vivid picture of the way people worked in decades past and the methods that were used.
Address: Verlantie 295,47850 Verla Kouvola, Finland
Tel. +358-2041.52170, Fax +358-2041.52186
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Musée historique du Papier / Moulin Richard de Bas
Museum of Paper History / Richard de Bas Paper Mill

France's foremost paper mill museum is located on the bank of the small river La Dore in the Auvergne region, some 88 km. of Clermond-Ferrand and 92 km. from Vichy.
Address: F-63600 Ambert en Livradois, France
Tel. +33-4.7382.0311, Fax +33-4.7382.2541
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See French Wikipedia (also in Dutch).

Centre Culturel Papetier Marius A. Peraudeau
Cultural Centre of Papermaking Marius A. Peraudeau

This didactical center, intended for group educational purposes, is housed in the Combe-basse mill near the Richard de Bas Paper Mill and Museum.
Directeur: Patrice Peraudeau
Address: F-63600 Ambert en Livraidois, France
Tel. +33-4.7382.5360, Fax +33-4.7382.5361

Moulin à Papier Vallis Clausa / Paper Mill in Fontaine de Vaucluse

Paper mill with associated museum
Address: Chemin de la Fontaine, F-84800 Fontaine de Vaucluse, France
Tel. +33-1490203414
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Musée des Papeteries Canson & Montgolfier
Museum of the Paper Mills Canson and Montgolfier

Présentation de machines pour la fabrication du papier.
Address: BP 139, F-07104 Annonay, France
Tel: +33-75698800, Fax +33-75698888
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At the vat during the IPH Congress in Annonay, 1994.
From left to right: Elaine Koretsky (USA), Dr. Josef Dabrowski (Poland) and hon. president Henk Voorn (Holland)

Pour les arts graphiques en vallée de Clisson- Atelier & Mémoire du Papier

L’association Pour les arts graphiques en vallée de Clisson a été créée en 1997 en relation avec Pro arte graphica qui gère le Musée de l’imprimerie de Nantes. Son existence y est intimement liée et elle en constitue le complément indispensable pour parler du monde du papier dans sa totalité, depuis l’élaboration du support jusqu’à ses utilisations. Elle regroupe des animateurs provenant pour la plupart des métiers de la communication, du papier, de l’imprimerie et de l’image..
Address: Mairie de Clisson F-44190 CLISSON, France
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Moulin de Got

By watching the expert papermakers and printers using the products and machinery of the Moulin du Got, visitors can discover the whole development of papermaking and the graphic arts. Our coverage of the earliest methods of making single sheets of paper to the introduction of machinery that can produce continuous reels and from composition of type from individual letters to the introduction of mechanical typesetting and automatic presses means the Moulin du Got is not just a living museum – it is an important centre for the demonstration of crafts, educational activities and creativity..
Address: Moulin du Got, Le penitent, F-87400 St Léonard de Noblat, France
Tel.:+33 2 98 78 92 96
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See also French Wikipedia

Maison de l'Imprimerie et du papier

l'atelier de Jean-Pierre Gouy, papetier installé à Saint-Clément en Corrèze.
Address: Les Bordes, F-19700 Saint Clément, France
Tel. +33-5 55 23 18 02
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Ruscombe Paper Mill

Ruscombe Paper Mill, which was founded in the English Cotswolds in 1989 and relocated to France in 1995, produces the most comprehensive range of fine papers in Europe made by hand.
It is one of a very few remaining independent and fully commercial mills capable of sustaining this ancient craft, so that fine quality, European-style handmade facsimiles of those papers from the late 17th century onwards, relevant to today's needs, can still be available.
Address: 4 cours Pey Berland, F-33460 Margaux, France
Tel.:+33 557 887 377, Fax: +33 970 601 042
E-mail: info[@]
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Le Moulin à papier de La Rouzique, Econo-musée du papier en Dordogne

Situé à Couze et Saint Front en Périgord, le moulin de la Rouzique, écono-musée du papier vous accueille pour découvrir la fabrication du papier chiffon. Lieu de production de papier depuis la fin du Moyen Age, le moulin a fabriqué du papier chiffon pendant 5 siècles.
Address: Le Moulin de la Rouzique - F-24150 Couze-et-St-Front, France
Tel.:+33 5 53 24 36 16
E-mail: info[@]
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Moulin de Kereon

Fabricant de papier de lin à Saint-Sauveur 29400 - Finistère.
Address: Moulin de Kéréon, F-29400 Saint-Sauveur, France
Tel.:+33 2 98 78 92 96
E-mail: papier[@]
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Le Moulin de Pen-Mur / Pen-Mur Paper Mill

La tradition papetière du XVIII siècle, fabrication, exposition, visite guidée, reproduction de cartes postales anciennes.
Address: Moulin de Pen-Mur BP28, F-56190 Muzillac, France
Tel. +33 297 414379, Fax : +33 297 456078
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Le Musée du Papier d'Angoulême
Angoulême Museum of Paper

Le Musée du Papier d'Angoulême présente des expositions sur la papeterie industrielle du XIXe siècle et du XXe siècle, sur les industries connexes (imprimerie, fabriques de toiles métalliques et de feutres, mécanique ...), sur les usages du papier et occasionnellement des présentations d'art contemporain.
Address: 134, rue de Bordeaux, F-16000 Angoulême, France
Tel. +33-5.45927343, Fax +33-5.45921599
Director: Florent Gaillard
For more information visit their homepage

Le Moulin du Verger / The Puymoyen Paper Mill

Le Moulin du Verger est un des plus vieux moulins à papier du département de la Charente à la longue tradition papetière. Le moulin du Verger est créé en 1539. C'est l'un des premiers à papier à être créés en Angoumois. Il a été inscrit aux monuments historiques en 1991. Privé, il est ouvert au public pour la visite.
Address: Moulin du Verger 16400 Puymoyen, France
Tel. +33-5.45611038, Fax: +33-5.45616808
E-mail: contact[@]
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Musée du Cartonnage et de l'imprimerie a Valréas/ Museum of cardboard manufacture and print

The museum traces the history production and printing modes of the cardboards and corrugated. Valréas is the capital of French cardboard (this activity was born in France, here), since the origin (mid nineteenth century) to to today, represent more than a century and a half of creation.
Address: 3 avenue Maréchal Foch, F-84600 Valréas, France
Tel. +33 04-90-35-58-75, Fax: +33 04 90 35 32 51
For more information see the website and/or a short video.

Moulin à papier de la Tourne/ Paper-mill of Tourne

500 years of history of paper and books.
Address: 173 Chemin de la Tourne, Lachat - St André, 73800 Les Marches , France
Tel. +33 04 79 28 13 81, Fax: +33 04 79 28 13 87
For more information see their website.

Papeterie de Vaux

Address: Mairie de Payzac, F-24270 Payzac, France
Tel. +33-553625006

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Papiers Maligorn

A small paper factory producing handmade paper for the creation and graphic arts.
Address: Varin, 71550 Anost, France
Tel. +33-3 85 82 79 66
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Musée du Papier Peint de Rixheim

The collections from the Zuber company (ca 100 000 items, from the beginning of the 19th c. to 1983) were completed with thousands of wallpapers acquired since 1983. They give a complete panorama of the history of wallpaper since the dominos of the 18th c. to the present creations from everywhere all around the world.
Address: Rixheim, Mulhouse, Alsace, France
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Moulin à Papier de Brousses et Villaret / Brousses Paper Mill

Historic paper mill in the Languedoc, founded in 1674. The village of Brousses in 1845 still counted a dozen operative paper mills.
Until today the Brousses paper mill continues its production of handmade paper.
Address: F-11390 Brousses et Villaret, France
Tel./Fax +33-4.68266743
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Haus des Papiers / Museum of Fine Paper Art

For as long as paper has existed, people have fascinated and touched by this material. Tenderness and strength at the same time. As a basis for a line or as a material in itself. From the process of scooping over artistic design up to brutal transformation into a different state of aggregation: The possibilities are endless. No other art medium is as sensual, present, and changeable.
Address: Seydelstraße 30 / corner Elisabeth-Mara-Straße, 10117 Berlin-Mitte, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 509 476 48 (Availability by phone only from Fri to Sun, 9 am to 5 pm).
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LVR-Industriemuseum Bergisch Gladbach / Papiermühle Alte Dombach
LVR-Industrial Museum Bergisch Gladbach/The Old Dombach paper Mill

Theme of the museum, located north-east of Cologne and opened on 6 August 1999, is to highlight the development of the manufacturing and application of paper and cardboard in the last 2 centuries. In addition to the mill buildings, the drying house, two living quarters and a stable, a part of the Dombacher factory houses the paper museum.
Director: Sonja Nanko
Tel. +49-2202-936680, Fax +41-2202-9366821
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See also German Wikipedia.

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum / Kultur- und Papierhistorische Sammlungen

Die Papierhistorische Sammlungen/The Paperhistorical collections
The Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum serves as the collection and documentation centre for the history of papermaking in Germany. The museum holds the world's largest collection of watermarks and samples of mechanically produced and modern handmade paper. The holdings also comprise extensive collections of coloured paper, ream imprints, plans for paper mills and technical facilities as well as other documents and archival materials on the history of paper. Special literature on the history of paper is available in a reference library. The literature database containing more than 31,000 bibliographic records of publications on historical, technological, social, commercial, and other aspects of paper is online searchable through the Bernstein portal.
Address: Deutscher Platz, D-04103 Leipzig, Germany
Tel. +41-341.2271.315, Fax +49-341-2271-240
Curator: NN
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Deutsches Museum / German Museum

Abteilung Papiergeschichte
Die papiergeschichtlichen Sammlungen dokumentieren die Herstellung und Verwendung von Papier, die Geschichte einzelner Papiermühlen und Papiermacher. Die Unterlagen umfassen: Originalakten, Korrespondenzen, Originalpapiere, Papiermuster, Buntpapiere, Musterbücher, Fotografien, Sammlungen einzelner Papierforscher, Karteien. Hervorzuheben ist die Sammlung Felix Hübel mit seltenen Buntpapieren (15.000 Blatt) des 17. bis 20. Jahrhunderts.
Address: Museumsinsel 1, D-80538 Munich, Germany
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Papiermuseum Fockendorf

The paper museum was opened 2004 and is the only paper museum in Thuringia.
Tel. +49-170- 7138061
Address: Fabrikstraße 10, 04617 Fockendorf, Deutschland. Visit their website.

Hessisches Landesmuseum - Deutsches Tapetenmuseum / The German Wallpaper Museum in the Hessian State Kassel

Attention: Since November 2008, the Hessische Landesmuseum is closed due to construction work!
Address: Brüder-Grimm-Platz, Kassel, Deutschland. Visit their website.

Museum Papiermühle Homburg / Homburg Paper Mill Museum

Einzige original erhaltene Papiermühle in Bayern, erbaut 1807 und bis 1975 in Betrieb. Industriedenkmal als Freilandmuseum täglich zu besuchen. In der Papiermanufaktur werden heute in 5. Generation mit Sieb und Bütte wieder handgeschöpfte Papiere hergestellt. (Kurzbeschreibung)
Recently (1997) opened paper museum, housed in an original Bavarian paper mill, built in 1807 and in operation until 1975.
Address: Gartenstrasse 11, D-97855 Markt Triefenstein, Germany. Tel./Fax: +49(0)9395-99222
Visit the museum's website, UNESCO Bewerbung

Stiftung Zanders - Papiergeschichtliche Sammlung
Zanders Foundation - Paperhistorical Collection

Founded by Dr. Johann Wilhelm Zanders in 1977.
Address: Hauptstrasse 267, D-51465 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
Curator: Magdalene Christ
Tel./ Fax: +49-2202.31974
For more information visit their website and/or wikipedia.

Papiermuseum Düren

Address: WAllstraße 2-8 D-52349 Düren, Germany
Tel. +49-2421-252561
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Gutenberg-Museum Mainz

It is one of the oldest museums of printing in the world and attracts experts and tourists from all corners of the globe. The museum is mainly dedicated to Gutenberg and his inventions for the printed book. But the museum has also a interesting section for paper history, hand made paper, and watermarks
Address: Liebfrauernplatz 5, D-55116 Mainz, Germany
Visit their website (section Magic Material Paper).

Papiermühle Plöger / Plöger Paper Mill

Kulturdenkmal und Technik-Museum
Founded 2001.
Die Papiermühle Plöger ist eines der bedeutendsten technischen Kulturdenkmäler Nordrhein-Westfalens. Das Mühlengebäude existiert seit 1703 und bis 1989 wurden hier noch Aktendeckel hergestellt. An 22 Stationen kann man hautnah miterleben, wie die Papierherstellung um 1900 funktionierte. In der Mühle ist die fast komplett erhaltene technische Anlage in den Produktionsräumen - etwa die beiden oberschlächtigen Wasserradkammern, der Kollergang, der Steinholländer, die Rundsiebmaschine aus den 80er Jahren des 19. Jahrhunderts, verschiedene Spindelpressen, das Glättwerk und natürlich der zweistöckige Trockenboden mit den typischen Dachgauben zum Aufhängen der Bögen zu sehen.
Address: Niesetal 11, D-32816 Schieder-Schwalenberg 1, Germany
Visit their website. and/or the German wikipedia page

Klostermühlenmuseum Thierhaupten - Papiermühle

Die Papiermühle in Thierhaupten wurde 1609 von Abt Kaspar Bschorn gebaut und bis 1803 (Säkularisation) wurde das meiste Papier im Kloster Thierhaupten beschrieben. Betrieben wurde die Mühle bis 1847 – in diesem Jahr ist sie abgebrannt und wurde als Gips- und Lohmühle wieder aufgebaut.
Address: Franzengasse 21, D-86672 Thierhaupten, Germany
Tel. +49-8271.1769
Visit their website (paper mill)

Museum für Papier- und Buchkunst / Museum for Paper and Book Art

Address: Schlossrain 15, D-73252 Lenningen, Germany
Visit their website (paper mill) or website

Museum Papiermühle Weddersleben / Paper Mill Museum Weddersleben

Address: Quedlinburg Strasse 2, D-06502 Weddersleben, Germany
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Technisches Museum Papiermühle Niederzwönitz / Technical Museum Niederzwönitz Paper Mill

Die Papiermühle in Niederzwönitz wurde 1568 erstmals urkundlich erwähnt und ist somit die älteste, noch funktionstüchtige Papiermühle Deutschlands. Bis Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts wurde hier handgeschöpftes Büttenpapier aus Hadern und Lumpen hergestellt. Mit der Industrialisierung wurde die Produktion auf Hart- und Graupappen umgestellt, die vorwiegend in der Schuh-, Sitzmöbel- und Verpackungsindustrie zum Einsatz kamen. Nach der Stilllegung des Betriebes im Jahr 1973 wurden die historischen Produktionsanlagen in liebevoller Kleinarbeit restauriert und der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht. Heute zählt das Museum zu den bedeutendsten Industriedenkmälern der Region. Address: Köhlerberg 1, D-08297 Zwönitz, Germany
Tel. +49-37754.2690
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Deutsches Technikmuseum (Berlin)/ German Technical Museum - Paper technology

The museum presents a broad spectrum of old and new technology and demonstrates the various historical connections to culture and everyday life. Daily demonstrations, visitor activities and guided tours make the Deutsches Technikmuseum an interactive learning experience. The museum also has a well-stocked library on the history of technology as well as historical archives.
The permanent Paper Technology exhibition focuses on the history and cultural uses of this versatile material - next to the sheet forming process in which a sheet of paper is formed from a milky, flaky fluid. Address: Trebbinger Strasse 9, D-10963 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49-30-90254-0
Visit their website.

Technisches Museum "Holzschleiferei Weigel" - Rittersgrün

Holzschleiferei mit teilweise 100 Jahre alten Maschinen, die über Transmissionen durch ein gewaltiges Wasserrad mit einem Durchmesser von 5 m angetrieben werden. Unveränderte Arbeitsatmosphäre. Geschichte der Pappen- und Kartonagenherstellung.
Address: Karlsbaderstrasse 80, D-08355 Rittersgrün, Germany
Tel. +49-37757.7216
Visit their website.

Regionalmuseum des Amtes Malliss / Regional museum of Neu Kaliss

Neu Kaliss is located near Doemitz near the Elde-River. The regional museum has an interesting paper-historical section. It is oriented on the history of the local papermill (today Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier-GmbH, part of the MELITTA group, before VEB Feinpapier Neu Kaliss, before Felix Schoeller & Bausch Feinpapierfabriken).
The exhibition was build from rests of acts and probes of the older fabriques and some personal collected things of their workers. The museum is managed by an old ex-teacher, but is has an excellent quality in the paper-historical substructure! The buildings of the mill are a legally protected monument but without any mindful use. The machines are broken down and not given into the museum. (Thanks to Roman Luplow for this information)
Address: Karl-Marx-Str. 22, D-19294 Kaliss, Germany
Tel./Fax: +49/38758/26344
Visit their website.


MAGYAR PAPÍRMÚZEUM/Hungarian Paper Museum

Address: 2400 Dunaújváros, Papírgyári út 42-46, Hungary
Tel.: +36 30 638 2657
Contact: Pelbárt Jenő
Visit the museum's website

Diósgyőri Papírgyár Zrt/Museum of DIPA - Diósgyőr Paper Factory Zrt.

Address: Miskolc, Hegyalja u. 203/1, Hungary
Tel.: +36 46 530-824, +36 46 530-890, Fax: +36 46 530-840
Visit the museum's website

Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok Megyei Levéltár/Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County Archives

Historical exhibition on a former paper factory in Szolnok. Address: 5000 Szolnok, Pozsonyi u. 40-42., Hungary
E-mail: Visit the museum's website


Museo della Carta - Amalfi/Paper Museum of Amalfi

Address: Via delle Cartiere 23, I-84011 Amalfi, Italy
Tel.: +39-732.709297-22334, Fax: +39-178-2224013
Visit the museum's website and/or Italian Wikipedia (also in Dutch and French).

Museo della Cartiera Papale - Ascoli Piceno

Address: Via delle Cartiere, I-63011 Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Tel.: +39-736.252594
E-mail: museidellacartiera [@]
Visit the museum's website
and/or Italian Wikipedia

Museo della Carta di Pescia - Cartiera le Carte/Paper Museum of Pescia - Papermill le Carte

The Museum’s precise mission is to preserve six centuries of craftsmanship and tradition by the diffusion and active maintenance of the culture of handmade production of paper. The Museum is set in “Le Carte” paper mill, an old factory built around the beginning of the XVIIIth century. Inside the building, there is all the machinery for the production of paper by hand and by “vat” belonging to the XVIIIth and XIXth century in perfect shape and still working.
The collections of the Museum is made up of all those tools linked to the production of paper by hand and in particular watermarked molds, waxes, stamps, metallic cloths and watermarked sheets still present. In agreement with the competent Supervision and in cooperation with its Catalog Office and the Central Institute for the Catalogue and Documentation in Rome, a long process of research, inventorying and cataloguing, has started in 2008. It represents the first case of cataloguing of paper goods in Italy and it is today the national “reference model”.
The Museum also houses the Magnani Historical Archive, which contains and extraordinary and massive series of documents which, once catalogued according to the modern scientific criteria, could be at researchers’ disposal allowing not only to definitively safeguard such heritage, but also to deepen the research on the history of paper in the Pescia valley.
Address: Via Mammianese Nord, 229 Pietrabuona - Pescia 51017 Pistoia
Tel./Fax: +39-(0)572.408423
Visit the museum's website
See English Wikipedia (also in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish).

Museo della Carta e della Filigrana - Fabriano / Museum of Paper and Watermarks - Fabriano

The largest paper museum in Italy. Fabriano, located south-west of Ancona, has a very long history of paper making in the town and region (Marche) and is a must for anyone interested in the history of paper. The museum is housed in the ancient Monastery of S. Domenico.
Address: P.O. Box 82, I-60044 Fabriano, Italy
Tel.: +39-732.709297-22334, Tourist info: +39-732.709294-5387
Visit the museum's website
See English Wikipedia (also in Italian).

Valle delle Cartiere, Museo della Carta - Toscolano Maderno

Operational until the mid-20th century, the paper mills valley In Toscolano Maderno boasts a paper productive tradition since 1381 and in the 15th - 16th century supplied Venetian printers. Vast amounts of paper were produced by the many paper mills there, the remains of which can still be seen throughout this suggestive unspoilt valley.
Address: Via valle delle Cartiere, I-25088 Toscolano Maderno (BS), Italy
Tel.: +39-365.641050
Visit the museum's website
See also German Wikipedia

Museo Patologia del Libro - Rome

Address: Via Milano, 76 00184 Roma, Italy
Tel.: +39-6482911
Visit the museum's virtual tour


Koninklijke Bibliotheek / Dutch Royal Library / National Library of The Netherlands

One of the three largest paperhistorical collections in the world
The nucleus of this important collection is the private collection of Dutch paperhistorian - and first & honorary President of IPH - Henk Voorn, acquired by the Royal Library in 1972
Address: Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5 (near the Central Station)
Postbus 90407, NL-2509 LK The Hague
Department of Reserve Collections, Paperhistorical Collection
Visit their website.

Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum / Netherlands Open Air Museum

The Netherlands Open Air Museum uses authentic buildings, objects and true stories to bring the past to life. Among other things: a replica waterpowered paper mill of the Gelderland type
Demonstrations of hand papermaking
Address: Schelmseweg 89, NL-6816 SJ Arnhem, Postbus 649, NL-6800 AP Arnhem, The Netherlands
Tel. +31(0)26-3576111, Fax +31(0)26-3576147
Visit the museum's website

12 windmills in the Zaanstrek - Papiermolen - De Schoolmeester / Papermill The Schoolmaster

The Society of Zaan Mills was founded in 1925. Its first success was the restoration of oil mill De Zoeker. Three years later, the Mill Museum was opened. Now, 84 years later, the Society possesses 12 picturesque industrial mills and a unique museum. The mills are an important part of our cultural heritage and continue to this day to determine the Zaan skyline.
Address: Museumlaan 18, NL-1541 LP Koog aan de Zaan, The Netherlands
Tel. +31(0)75-6215148
Visit their website.
De Schoolmeester is a wind-powered papermill of the Zaanstreek type, built in 1692 with a paper machine from 1877. The only wind papermill in the world still in daily use
More information on the website and fotos on wikimedia
Address: Guispad 3, NL-1551 SX Westzaan, The Netherlands

Centraal Nederlands Papierhistorisch Archief (CNPA)/ Dutch Central Paperhistorical Archive

Among other things: the Edo G. Loeber Collection (15.000 photo's, 7.000 technical drawings, 19.000 watermark tracings), (part of the) Henk Voorn Collection, the J.W. Schut Collection, a library and the archives of several paper mills, including Beukema (Hoogezand), Schut (Loenen), Pannekoek (Heelsum), De Schoone Haas (Waddinxveen), Cramer/Berghuizer Papierfabriek (Wapenveld), Maasmond (Raamsdonkveer) en Van Delden (Vaassen).
Address: Gemeentearchief (Municipal Archives), Condorweg 5, NL-7332 AC Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Tel. +31(0)55.5415530, Fax +31(0)55.5430239
See also CODA

Museum Papierfabriek- De Middelste Molen

The Paper Mill Museum takes you back in time. Between all machines you get to see how paper was made earlier. Since 1622, the factory produces all paper. Nowhere else in the Netherlands can be found an older paper mill. The factory still produces paper and so the visitors can see how it's done. Address: Kanaal zuid 499, 7371 GL Loenen (GLD), The Netherlands
Visit their website. and/or Dutch Wikipedia

Zaans Museum

The Zaans Museum on the Zaanse Schans is situated in a modern building. The industrial design of this building is as unique as the museum collection which details the history of the Zaans region. When you step into the museum you will immediately get a taste of a prosperous past. The magnificent collection of regional costumes, Zaans painted furniture and objects from Zaans homes and businesses shows a rich cultural and industrial past; the prosperity of the Zaans region. A small collection of objects documents the old paper industry in the Zaanstreek region in the province of North Holland
Address: Schansend 7, NL-1509 AW Zaandam, Netherlands
Tel. +31(0)75-6810000
Visit their website.


Kistefos- Museum, Industry Museum

Address: Samsmoveien 41, N – 3520 Jevnaker, Norway

Klevfos Industrimuseum

Address: Norsk Skogmuseum, N-2345 Ådalsbruk, Norway
Visit the museum's website


Muzeum Papiernictwa w Dusznikach-Zdroju
Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdrój

The Museum of Papermaking, opened to visitors in 1968, is seated in the 1605 paper mill - an invaluable monument of technology. The Museum exhibitions present the history of papermaking, paper industry technology in the 19th and 20th centuries, history of polish banknotes and the paper art. Visitors have a unique opportunity to witness how paper was made by hand in the past. Each visitor may also take part in papermaking workshops.
In 2011 the Museum was awarded the official status of a historic monument. From 2016 Duszniki paper mill is one of the Polish candidates sites to the UNESCO World Heritage.
Address: ul. Klodzka 42, 57-340 Duszniki Zdrój
Tel. +48 748 627 400
email: main office Visit the museum's website
See English Wikipedia (also in German, Polish, Spanish).


Museu do Papel Terras de Santa Maria
Paper Museum Land of Santa Maria

The museum belongs to a group of museums of science and technique, being by its characteristics a monographic museum, devoted to the history of the paper industry. It is located in the community of Santa Maria da Feira, just below Porto in the north of Portugal. It's mission is the preservation of memories related to the paper production as well as the development of the historical, cultural and socioeconomic values of this traditional region with almost three centuries of activity. The paper museum establishes a permanent collection between past and present times.
Director: Maria Josè Ferreira dos Santos
Address: Rua de Riomaior, 338, PT-4535-309 Pacos de Brandao
Tel.: +351-227442947, Fax +351-256365335
Visit the museum's website and/or see also Portuguese Wikipedia


Moara de hârtie – The Comana paper mill

Designed as a Workshop-Museum, The Paper Mill (Moara de hârtie), is developing as space that is reviving, keeping and transmitting forward Romanian and universal crafts traditions. We started with handmade paper, letterpress printing and bookbinding and, since 2016, we added seven more traditional crafts inside of the Comana Crafts Village.
Address: 278-280, Funieru, St., Comana, Giurgiu
Visit the museum's website


Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades
Paper Mill Museum of Capellades

This entirely renovated 18th-c. paper mill was the largest and most upstream of the 14 paper mills in the town of Capellades.
The museum forms part of a circle of 20 museums of science and technique spreaded over the province of Catalonia. The umbrella organisation is the Museu de la Ciencia i de la Tecnica de Catalunya (Rambla d'Egara 270, 08221 Terrassa).

The Capellades Paper Museum hosted the 28th Congress of IPH in 2006.

Address: Pau Casals 10
ES-08786 Capellades
Tel./Fax +34.93-8012850
Visit the museum's website

Munnee Paper Mill

Private Paper Mill Museum, Capellades
(admission on special request through the Capellades Paper Museum)

Museo Valenciano del Papel / Valencian paper Museum Paper Mill Museum of Xàtiva

Banyeres (Valencia)
The Paper Museum was first opened on March 25, 1997 in the Torre de la Font Bona. Originally created from the donations of Juan Castelló Mora, the collection shows the traditional papermaking process, with objects and models of the old paper mills and hand presses. The paper industry was of particular economic importance in the region up until the 1970s and was one of the most important employers for the population.
Visit the museum's website
See Spanish Wikipedia (also in Catalan, German).


Frövifors paper mill museum (Swedish: Frövifors Pappersbruksmuseum)

Owner: Frövifors Pappersbruksmuseum foundation
Frövifors Pappersbrukmuseum is a foundation founded to preserve the machines and premises that made up Frövifors Pappersbruk until 1980. In the machine hall, the paper machines PM III (1907) and PM IV (1911) are displayed in their original premises from the beginning of the 20th century. The machine hall is largely untouched and in the condition in which the last workers left it over 40 years ago. The last rolls of kraft paper that were produced are still in the machines. The workers' own stories and memories are preserved in the media players located in the machine hall.
Address: Museivägen, 718 80 Frövi, Sweden,
Visit the museum's website or see also Paperikone: Fröviforsin tehdasmuseo.

Kvarnbyns Handpappersbruk

Located in the vicinity of Göteborg in the south of Sweden, this institution offers basic and advanced courses in papermaking to adults and school children, as well as seminars, courses of book-binding, workshops with paper artists, etc. There are also a library and a shop with handmade paper products.
Visit the museum's website.

Tumba Papermill Museum

The paper mill in Tumba was built in 1755 to make banknote paper. The Bank of the Estates of the Realm – today Sveriges Riksbank wished to put an end to counterfeit banknotes. In the early days production was hampered by technical problems and lack of competence, a situation sorted out in 1758 when Dutch specialists where invited to help and reorganize the facilities and production. Today the paper mill is run by Crane Currency who bought it from the Swedish central bank in 2002.
In 2005 the Tumba Paper Mill Museum opened. The museum documents a more than 250-year old industry showing the history of paper and banknotes. The museum is part of the National Historical Museums.
Visit the museum's website or see also Google Arts & Culture


Basler Papiermühle / The Basel Paper Mill, Swiss Museum of Paper, Writing and Printing

Address: St. Alban-Tal 37, CH-4052 Basel
Visit the museum's website.
See English Wikipedia (also in French, German, Italian).
The vatman stirring the pulp made of linen rags, two moulds
and a deckle ready for forming sheets
© Albert Elen 1990


Ege Üniversitesi Kağıt ve Kitap Sanatları Müzesi

Address: Gençlik Caddesi No: 4, 35100 Bornova - İzmir, Turkey
Tel./Fax +90(0232) 374 59 31 - (0232) 311 25 01
Museum's website

İbrahim Müteferrika Kağıt Müzesi

İbrahim Müteferrika, the first Ottoman to run a printing press with movable Arabic type, built a paper factory to meet his printing house's demand in Yalova. Yalova Municipality opened a museum inspired by this factory in 2013, and thanks in part to intense interest, the museum had to adopt a reservation system to accommodate all the requests from potential visitors.
Address: Kazım Karabekir Mah. Şehit Ömer Faydalı Bulv. No:203 Yalova Merkez, Yalova, Turkey
See also 360 view or Turkish Wikipedia

SEKA Mehmet Ali Kağıtçı Paper Museum Kağıt Müzesi

The museum of industrial heritage is in the Kocaeli district (İzmit), northwestern Turkey. Situated in a former pulp and paper mill, it is dedicated to papermaking in Turkey. The museum was opened in 2016. The museum is the world’s largest paper museum. It consists of 16 different halls and presents the history of the factory, which was established in 1936 and played a significant role in the industrialization process of the Turkish Republic, as well as the creation of paper.
Address: Kozluk Mahallesi, Mehmet Ali Kağıtçı Sokak, No:77, İzmit/KOCAELİ, Turkey
Museum's website (Turkish),      Wikipedia article English, Turkish

Paper Collections outside Europe


Boréalis - Musée à Trois-Rivières - Histoire de l'industrie papetière

BORÉALIS is a place of history and memory that explores the social, economic and environmental aspects of Quebec's paper industry from the perspective of Trois-Rivières. The museum's exhibits, collection and programming are designed to raise visitor awareness of our material and intangible heritage, and to provoke thought and discussion about the challenges of tomorrow.
Address: 200, avenue des Draveurs, P.O. Box 368, Trois-Rivières, Quebec G9A 5H3, Canada
Visit the museum's website.

United States of America

The Carriage House Paper Museum

The museum is part of the Research Institute of Paper History and Technology, founded in 1995 by papermaker and paper historian Elaine Koretsky. It houses a tremendous collection of books, handmade paper and artifacts used in the making of paper, much of which has been collected by the Koretsky family (Elaine with her husband Dr. Sidney Koretsky and their daughter Donna Koretsky Reina) over the past thirty five years. The first floor of the Carriage House contains an active papermaking studio. Its main purpose focuses on the processes and technology of hand papermaking, emphasizing the making of paper for specific purposes, including paper as the basis of art forms. The second floor of the Carriage House features an exhibition of rare books dealing with historical papermaking, handmade papers that represent nearly every part of the world and tools and equipment that have been used for making paper over the centuries.
Address: Evans Road 8, Brookline (near Boston), Massachusetts 02146-2116, USA
tel. +1-617.232 1636, fax +1-617.277 7719
Email: paperroad(@)
Visit the museum's website.

The Crane Museum of Papermaking

The museum is run by Crane & Co. and is housed in Cranes 1844 Old Stone Mill in Westfield, Mass. The museum, first opened in the autumn of 1930, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The one-story building is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Housatonic River, which supplied the water to wash the rags and drive the machinery of the early Crane mills.
Please note: The Crane Paper Museum is currently closed. The mill makes all of the US currency paper and they had have now extended the security perimeter around the mill which put the museum in the secured area, no public access. They are currently looking at options to either relocate the museum or give its items to other museums.
Tel. +1-413.6846481
Visit the museum's website.

Dard Hunter and Paper Making

Address: Dard Hunter Studios, 125 West Water Street, P. O. Box 771, Chillicothe, OH 45601, USA
Visit the museum's website.

Maine's Paper & Heritage Museum

In 2002, a group of people dedicated to preserving the history of the paper industry in Maine came together to establish Maine's Paper & Heritage Museum, with the common goal of capturing the cultural heritage of the paper-making towns and mills along the Androscoggin River. Its mission is to create an exciting interactive museum where visitors can experience life in a paper-making community, as well as to encourage tourism, increase economic activity and showcase the area's distinctive heritage.
Address: 22 Church Str., Livermore Falls, ME 04254, USA
Visit the museum's website.

The New York Public Library Paper History Department / Leonard B. Schlosser Collection

The NPL houses the private paperhistorical collection of former IPH vice-president Leonard B. Schlosser This collection of approximately 3,000 books, drawings and other items from 770 A.D. to the present day documents the history of papermaking through reference books, paper samples and specimen books. Items from The Schlosser Collection are available in the Print Collection with 24 hours notice.
Address: Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street, New York, USA.

Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking

The Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking is an internationally renowned resource on the history of paper and paper technology. In addition to more than 2,000 books, the Museum features a remarkable collection of over 10,000 watermarks, papers, tools, machines, and manuscripts. Part of Georgia Tech, the museum is located in the Renewable Bioproducts Institute. Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5. Address: 500 10th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30332-0620, USA.
Visit the museum's website.

Atlas Science Center

The Atlas Science Center (formerly the Paper Discovery Center) invites you to explore the world of paper through exhibits, interactive activities, hands-on interpretive displays, and a opportunity to make your own piece of paper in our Purdy-Weissenborn Paper Lab.
Address: 425 W. Water Street, Appleton, WI 54911, USA
Visit the museum's website.

Wisconsin River Papermaking Museum

The Wisconsin River Papermaking Museum focuses primarily on papermaking history in the Wisconsin River valley and particularly history of the Consolidated Water Power & Paper Company which was headquartered in Wisconsin Rapids for over 100 years. The Museum features two local history exhibits. The first is a pictorial history of the 110-year-old mansion that houses the museum. The second tells some of the history of the development of the dam on the Wisconsin River at Grand Rapids/Centralia and the beginnings of Consolidated Water Power & Paper Company. Traveling exhibits about papermaking are also brought in as they are available. Admission is free. A call ahead to check on operating hours is advised
Address: 730 First Avenue South, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA. Phone: (715) 424-3037


Ino-cho Paper Museum

The Paper Museum was built in 1985 in the small town of Ino in Kochi prefecture, to preserve the traditions and ways of making the handmade Japanese paper known as "Tosa-shi" and to train successors to continue the craft. "Tosa-shi" means the washi of Tosa (the previous name of Kochi prefecture). This town, blessed with rich, verdant natural surroundings and clear water, is an ideal place for Japanese washi papermaking.
Visit the museum's website.

Tokyo Paper Museum

The Museum has a collection of over 40,000 historic items and approximately 10,000 books relating to paper. These items help preserve and interpret the history and significance of paper in our world. The exhibitions cover 2,000 years of paper history, traditional Japanese paper called 'Washi', various kinds of modern western style paper, recycled paper and current paper-related environmental matters.
Visit the museum's website.


Jeonji Hanji Museum

Visit the museum's website (in Korean, needs Flash).
English description.

Hansol Paper Museum (Museum SAN)

The Hansol Paper Museum founded in 1997 was Korea’s first museum specializing in paper and dedicated to collecting, researching and preserving diverse arts, crafts and books made of paper. It is part of the Museum SAN (Space Art Nature) is an art museum designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando and is under the administration of the Hansol Cultural Foundation. It also contains the James Turrell exhibition hall which focuses on the interaction of art and nature.
Visit the museum's website.


Su Ho Memorial Paper Museum

Visit the museum's website.