Welcome to the IPH

The IPH integrates professionals of different branches and all friends of paper within the field of paper history. It coordinates all interests and activities in paper history as an international specialist association co-operating with international, regional and local organisations not only of paper historians but also of keepers of archives and libraries, conservators, arthistorians, specialists in books, printing and technology, associations of the paper industry, the publishing trade etc., including handicraft and artistic activities in connection with paper. To reach these goals, IPH provides the necessary means.

Die IPH vereinigt Fachleute der verschiedensten Richtungen und die Freunde des Papiers rund um das Thema Papiergeschichte. Sie koordiniert alle papiergeschichtlichen Interessen und Aktivitäten als internationale, wissenschaftliche Fachorganisation in Zusammenarbeit mit den entsprechenden nationalen und internationalen Fachverbänden nicht nur der Papierhistoriker, sondern auch der Archivare, Bibliothekare, Restauratoren, Kunst-, Buch- und Technikhistoriker, Papierindustrie, des Verlagswesens u.a.m., unter Einbezug der handwerklichen und künstlerischen Aktivitäten im Zusammenhang mit dem Werkstoff Papier.

L'Association IPH réunit les professionnels de toutes les spécialités et les amis du papier autour du thème de l'Histoire du papier. Elle coordonne tous les intérêts et toutes les activités dans le domaine de l'histoire du papier en tant qu'association scientifique internationale en collaboration avec les organisations internationales, régionales et locales non seulement des historiens du papier, mais aussi des archivistes, bibliothécaires, restaurateurs, historiens de l'art, du livre, de l'imprimerie, de la technique, les associations de l'industrie papetière, des éditeurs etc., y compris les activités artisanales et artistiques utilisant le papier.

New Year's Greetings 2023
Dear Council members, dear old members and dear numerous new members of IPH,
International association of Paper Historians

2022 has been a very special year, because the 36th IPH Congress in Krems an der Donau at DUK — Donau University Krems in Austria — took place only nine months after the first virtual 35th IPH Congress in Washington, DC in June 2021. At the Zoom General Meeting June 11 in Washington, DC our new-elected Vice-president Patricia Engel announced the 36th IPH congress, entitled 'Paper of Graphic Art' in Austria 2022

Thanks to Patricia Engel's organization in Krems and contributions from IPH speakers and other with interest in the topic of the congress it was possible without Corona travel restrictions in August to meet again person to person. At Donau University Krems we could listen to the contributions by the speakers present and online, participate in the rich local program of excursions and exhibitions, discuss the topics with old and new participants, eat together, make plans for new projects and just enjoy being together again.

At the General Meeting in Krems August 15 our Norwegian Council member Kari Greve announced to organize and host the 37th IPH Congress 2024 at the new National Museum in collaboration with the Munch Museum in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Because of the heavy activities for the organizers and speakers in 2022 in connection with the congress in Austria the publication of our peer-reviewed periodical 'Paper History' has been limited this year to one issue instead of two. The printed versions of the periodicals will in the future be distributed together with the publications of the IPH Congress books.

I look forward to your contributions to the IPH periodical 'Paper History' and to your papers to be presented in Norway 2024 at the 37th Biennial IPH Congress in Oslo. I send all of you my warmest and best wishes for a peaceful 2023, where we can keep in contact with each other and work together.

Anna-Grethe Rischel
President of IPH